Hospital Charge Capture

Our Hospital Charge Capture app lets you enter hospital visit and billing information in just a few taps. Work seamlessly between a web browser or a mobile device.

Increase Cash Flow

With reimbursements going down, it is critical that physicians capture all charges and provide real-time billing information to their billing staff.

Improve Physician Collaboration

Every physician in the practice has access to history of diagnosis and patient notes for previous patient visits, significantly reducing the time it takes to complete patient hand-off at the end of the day after hospital rounds.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Our HIPAA-compliant system to protect your patient data while accessing your hospital visits from any location using a web application or mobile device.

Save Time Every Day

Use our mobile app to enter patient visit information on the go, or use our one-screen system, Quick Bill, to enter all your charges at the end of the day.

Simple, Easy to Use

Designed to save you time, not to disrupt your workflow.

Web App Access

Physicians and billing staff can access the system through our web app for reporting and printing.

Easy Mobile App

Our mobile app was designed to be fast and easy to use. Simple navigation allows you to see patients faster.

Visit Records in a few Taps

Our mobile Patient Visit page is clean and simple to help you capture the most important information, fast!

Transfer Patients between Facilities

Edit patient information right from your mobile device, to change a room number, add patient notes, or transfer to a new facility.