Revolutionize your Hospital Charge Capture

Revolutionize your Hospital Charge Capture

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Hospital Rounds Billing with Improved Accuracy

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Electronic Hospital Rounds BillingImplementing a new software for any business can be a real challenge. For a medical practice, just coming up for air after the implementation of EHR, it means learning yet another system that non-technology savvy doctors are not comfortable with.  Most doctors will be reluctant to adjust their workflow yet again to match a unified process for their practice.

Increase Reimbursements from Hospital Rounds

So why do medical practices go through this additional effort? Because it could mean an increase in reimbursements of up to 40% from hospital charges. Studies indicate that physicians are losing around $9,000 in hospital charges per month due to lost, misplaced, forgotten, or incomplete charges.  Even when the patient visits are recorded on paper, the information can be illegible or incomplete, or the billing information is incorrect.

Using a web or mobile app for charge capture guides the physician during the documentation process, using the system to enforce entering all information required to correctly identify the patient, select accurate diagnosis and charges, and enter accurate information regarding the encounter.

To make sure your billers get all the information they need to submit a claim in a timely manner, every hospital visit needs to include:

  • Sufficient patient details, including patient name, secondary identifier like date of birth or social security number, and hospital room number.
  • Diagnosis codes and billing codes that the physicians understand and are familiar with. Whether these are CPT and ICD-9 or ICD-10 codes, or custom codes selected by your practice that are then translated by your certified coder, it is important that the physicians can easily choose the correct codes.
  • Date of service for the visit, so at a quick glance the physician and biller can view if charges have been saved for every day of
  • Visit notes that allow further explanation about the patient care, or additional information on any extra services provided.

Challenge your Hospital Charge Capture Workflow

In addition to ensuring all data points are entered correctly, physicians should challenge their old habits and, instead of waiting until the end of the week, record their hospital charge capture after every visit or every few visits.  When physicians record hospital charges on the go, the biller has instant access to the data necessary to prepare and submit claims.  With complete, accurate, and timely information, the medical practice can significantly improve their revenue flow from hospital rounds.


Key Steps for Adoption of Medical Charge Capture App

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Improve Charge Capture App AdoptionWith the implementation of EHRs, physicians have spent considerable time and effort learning new systems for recording patient visits, whether at the office or at the hospital. So how do you add one more system for your physicians and billing staff to adopt, so you can have reduced time at the hospital and improved reimbursements?

Choose a system that is simple and easy to use

If you already have an EHR in place, and you are trying to fill the void of capturing billing from hospital visits, look for a web or mobile app that is targeted in functionality.  A simple web system or mobile app will involve less screens and less clicks for the physician to get their work done. Besides improving billing, the charge capture system should also facilitate the clinician’s workflow, which will give them an added incentive for adoption.

Allow flexibility in workflow

There are very few instances when all physicians in a medical practice follow the same workflow.  Some physicians feel very comfortable working from their mobile devices, whether you are talking about phones or tablets. Other physicians find it cumbersome to type straight into their phones, and simply prefer sitting at a desk in front of a computer to enter their information on a web browser. An app that works seamlessly between platforms will allow the physicians to work the way they are most comfortable with.

Assign a physician sponsor or champion

A sponsor who represents the physicians is crucial to the successful implementation of the new system. The sponsor should be technology savvy and willing to test the new charge capture application in “the real world”, while completing hospital rounds. This physician will become the expert in the mobile and web apps, and will communicate back to the other physicians the best tips and tricks for use of the new system.

Set best practices for your own medical practice

Because every physician has their own preferences for completing hospital rounds billing, they could lose out on some of the benefits of sharing information through the charge capture app. Even when the system provides options in platforms, there should still be a consensus regarding what data will be entered into the system, as a minimum, for every patient visit, and what text fields will be used for sharing patient visit information. Remember to document these defined best practices so that they can be used to train new physicians and billing staff, as well as reminder as users get more comfortable with thew new workflow.

Highlight the financial impact on a regular basis

The adoption of an electronic charge capture system can have a large positive impact on cash flow from eliminating lost visit notes, improved accuracy, and timely submission of charges. During your medical practice’s regular physician meetings, you can present periodic updates of improved reimbursements and physician productivity as a reminder of the benefits. Reminders of the thousands of dollars from improved charge capture practices can be a great motivator to quickly adopt the new workflow.


Every medical practice is different, but we have seen that some basic planning and preparation goes a long way to improving the transition period and increasing the rate at which the physicians in the practice will adopt the new medical charge capture app.

Does limited access to hospital data affect physician’s workflow during rounds?

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Mobile Hospital Charge Capture by ShareRoundsA recent article published in “47% of Doctors Use Smartphone, Tablet and PC” had interesting insights concerning the rapid increase in the use of mobile devices by physicians, and how this use of mobile devices is not supported at most hospitals, yet.

Physicians use of mobile devices has increased dramatically in the last few years, to the point that it has become the primary screen used by clinicians during the day. According to a study from Epocrates which surveyed over 1,000 medical providers, clinicians use of smartphones in their working day has increased from 78% in 2012 to 86% by mid-year 2013. The study also shows that clinicians prefer the use of mobile devices whenever they are available for all tasks, including communicating with colleagues, email, and reading online journals and other medical resources.

At the same time, hospitals lag behind in providing access to systems and patient data in mobile devices.  A survey  by Aruba Networks shows  that while 85% of hospitals in 2012 allowed use of personal mobile devices, only 8% allowed full access to the hospital systems via a mobile device.

So what, then, can a hospitalist or specialist do to ensure access to the patient data they need to complete their hospital rounds?

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