Efficient Hospital Charge Capture App

ShareRounds was designed and developed in close collaboration with a team of medical specialists experiencing the common challenges of tracking their charges and checkout notes during hospital rounds.  The result is an easy-to-use, reliable, and cost-effective charge capture mobile app that reduces the time physicians spend documenting and tracking charges from hospital rounds.

Improved Cash Flow

Improve Cash Flow with Hospital Charge Capture System

Studies show that practices can improve their cashflow from hospital charges between 10 – 40% by implementing an electronic charge capture system. Let’s do a quick calculation for one physician based on industry averages:

Patients Per Week Estimated Missed Billing Average Charge Per Visit Potential Lost Charges per Month
150 10% $150 $9,000

ShareRounds has helped physicians and billing departments work together to improve cash flow by:

  • Avoiding lost reimbursements from misplaced or forgotten charges,
  • Eliminating the need to track down physicians to clarify illegible handwritten notes,
  • Providing access to accurate hospital charges in real time, and
  • Submitting hospital charges for reimbursement on a timely basis.

Reduced Time at the Hospital

Save Time with ShareRoundsPhysicians in certain specialties can spend a significant amount of time at the hospital doing rounds, seeing between 35 and 70 patients on a daily basis.  This means a lot of time gathering information from the hospital systems, taking handwritten notes, and then spending additional hours after rounds doing patient hand-offs with the physician who will round at that same hospital the next day.

Physicians can reduce the amount of time they spend doing rounds at the hospital by:

  • Using a web browser to enter patient information from the hospital system into ShareRounds, making it available in real time in their mobile device.
  • Working off their smartphone to enter diagnosis and billing information for patient visits, instead of at home after a long, tiring day at the hospital, saving hours every week in the hospital charge capture process.
  • Taking advantage of the simplicity of the notes fields and the drop downs to hand-off the necessary information to the next physician doing rounds, removing the need for phone calls and voice mails at the end of the day.

Streamlined Hospital Charge Capture Process

Streamline Hospital Charge CaptureWe understand that with the increased use of EHRs, physicians have had to learn multiple systems for recording patient office visits, many of them complicated and cumbersome.  We developed ShareRounds to mimic the physician’s workflow at the hospital, and incorporate the information necessary to complete rounds and charges in a streamlined manner with the goal of reducing the physician’s workload.

Some of the most important features include:

  • Secure login from any platform
  • Patient lists segmented by hospital
  • Ability to transfer patients between hospitals
  • Diagnosis and Billing dropdowns customized for the practice
  • QuickBill screen for fast and easy entries

Web and Mobile Platforms

Web and Mobile Platforms for Hospital Charge Capture System

ShareRounds Free and ShareRounds Premium work seamlessly between devices, independent of what platform is being used. Providers can choose to log into their accounts via a web browser on a PC or a mobile device.  You can download our iOS App directly from the App Store, and our Android App directly from Google Play.

For a quick demo of our mobile app, watch this video:



ShareRounds is available in two versions:  ShareRounds Free and ShareRounds Premium.

To help you decide which version better fits your needs, look at our Version Comparison page.